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Why is My Skin Changing?

Skin changes for many reasons such as hormones, stress, age, and many more. “You are born with skin that is delicate pH alkaline, this slowly turns acidic as you grow older. As a teen, your skin tends to experience oiliness due to puberty. However, some people may have dryness if they have any eczema issues. In early teens and 20s, you can have acne issues due to excess sebum production at puberty. It is also interesting to note that your skin is at its best in your late 20s and early 30s. This is followed by signs of ageing that start in the mid-30s and early 40s when your skin becomes dry and fine lines and wrinkles appear. Later, as you age, your skin loses its natural hydration due to sebaceous glands producing less oil, and starts to look dry and saggy,” says Dr Sadhana. 

Hormones and Lifestyle 

Puberty is one of the main causes to make skin change, puberty causes oily skin and lots of breakout because of the hormones being all over the place. However on the other-hand when the hormones lessen the skin because dry and saggy this is when menopause occurs. 

If your lifestyle is quite stressful this can be another cause for skin to be breaking out. Stressing affects many parts of our body such as appetite, focus, and skin. Skin reacts by breaking out. There are many other components in your lifestyle which also affect your skin such as the diet you eat and the weather you live in. 

Bowl of Fruits
Bowl of Fruits

Climate and Diet  

Diet has a lot to do in regards to your skin, such as drinking water, eating healthy food, and properly nutritious meals. Drinking an abundance of water is key to having glassy skin because it keeps us refreshed and makes our skin more elastic preventing wrinkles. In addition healthy foods can help delay premature aging and promote brighter skin because of the vitamins and minerals in the food. Whereas eating unhealthy food will disturbs the skins natural collagen production.  

Climate is another major role which plays in the state of skin, I have a page dedicated to a Summer skin guide and a Winter skin guide which explains why you need different routines and what the products are for. 

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