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Importance of SPF

Sunscreen is essential to everyone of all ages except babies under six months old. Everyone else should apply sunscreen on every single day to prevent skin issues such as skin cancer,  premature aging, and sunburn.

What is SPF

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Many people hear the word SPF not understanding what it means, SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. An SPF 30 means that the sun would take 30 times longer to burn than usual, this is why the higher the number the more protection from the sun you receive. However this does not mean you shouldn’t re apply, sunscreen should be re applied every two hours.  

Sunscreen has ingredients preventing your skin from directly interfering with the suns UV rays. There are two types of sunscreens the mineral ones and the chemical ones. Mineral sunscreens block the UV rays before they are able to penetrate your skin, it works as a shield protecting you from the sun. The chemical sunscreen absorbs the UV rays before being able to damage your skin similar to a sponge. 

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